Love, Lucy: The next phase

I took this photo in Florence's Mercato Centrale two summers ago, when I was researching the book that would become Love,  Lucy.  I'm posting it now because the latest draft of the manuscript just came back to me tonight, with line edits that need to be tackled.  Eight drafts in, it's hard to believe we've finally reached the stage where all that needs to be done is tinkering with sentences, cutting out redundancies, smoothing the prose.

Still, tinkering takes time, and my deadline isn't far in the future.  And there's a stack of essays near my bed, still waiting to be graded.  And a sick dog who needs attention.  Classes to be taught, errands to run, dinners to be cooked.  So I might be a bit more lax about posting here for a while.

Till I get back, here's another piece of Italian pop bliss.  This video is on the crude side--but charmingly so.  And the song it's attached to is pretty darned sweet.


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