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No Place Like Rome

Trevi Fountain Love, Lucy comes out in paperback today, and I thought I'd commemorate Lucy's paperback birthday with a celebration of the Eternal City, where she travels with her summer love Jesse.   Here are some of my favorite spots in Rome, including the "greatest hits" I've set out to find, street map in hand.  Here's Piazza Spagna in the evening: Stormy skies And the Spanish Steps themselves, gorgeous even when under construction: Of course there's the stunning Pantheon:   And all the wonders of Vatican City: And then there are the beauties I've stumbled upon by sheer accident, like St. John Lateran: Not to mention the city's smaller but no less noteworthy wonders: The world's best macchiato Wishing you were in Italy?  (You're not alone!)  Please check out Love, Lucy and Far From Over , Jesse's side of the story.