Skin, the recipient of the 2002 Walt McDonald First Book Poetry Prize from Texas Tech University Press is now out in paperback.

"With their beautifully textured surfaces, April Lindner's poems explore the 'hunger of skin for skin.'  She combines the poet's lyrical compression with the novelist's eye for the telling domestic detail, and, as a result, her evocations of inner lives feel utterly honest and absorbing....This remarkable debut volume reveals a poet already mature in both vision and technique."  David Mason.

"Skin is a superb achievement and a delight to read."  Andrew Hudgins.

"In an uncustomarily mature first book, Lindner's work centers around motherhood and marriage with gallant and honest ambivalence.  With Plath and Sexton as her predecessors, Lindner directly confronts both the splendid and lurid in American confessional or 'personal' poetry."  Denise Duhamel, Painted Bride Quarterly.

"As an exploration of culture, custom, and biological drive, Lindner's Skin is a marvelous book, confident and unified."  Ned Balbo, Antioch Review.

Order Skin here.


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