About me

I'm April Lindner, author of three young adult novels: Love, Lucy, a retelling of A Room With a View; Catherine, a contemporary retelling of Wuthering Heights; and Jane, a retelling of Jane Eyre, all published by Poppy/Little, Brown Young Reader.  My digital-only novella, Far From Over, was published by NOVL.

I'm also a poet, with two collections in print: This Bed Our Bodies Shaped, from Able Muse Press, and Skin, winner of the Walt McDonald First Book Prize from Texas Tech University Press.  I write literary criticism and edit poetry anthologies too.

I teach all kinds of writing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I also attend way too many rock concerts and travel wherever and whenever I can.  When I'm home, I can be found spoiling my pet chickens and my three rescued pups--Nico, Lily, and Miles. 




I'm a wife and mother, a lover of all things Italian, and a newly minted Jersey Girl.   

Find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


  1. Hi April, I was in a thrift store in Beverly Hills CA and just going though CDs and movies going to the book section and the first book I picked up was your book Love, Lucy. Without ready anything yet just flipping through when I found your note to Amy Sherman-Palladins. I can not tell you how much I myself am a big fan of Gilmore Girls! I was so excited at what I just read and found that I didn’t bother looking at the clothes or anything else! Lol if you have been wondering what had happened to the book, just know a very lucky person found a beautiful piece of treasure
    Sincerely, your newest fan
    Angela Aguirre

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