Loosen Your Tie, Dear Sir: A Poem By Amy Lemmon

Today I'm sharing a seductive poem by my longtime friend poet Amy Lemmon who dropped by earlier this week for a stop on the late summer blog tour.


Loosen your tie, dear sir, admit instead
the mouth I proffer soft along your nape.
The office locked, phone mute, calls forwarded,
let go the herringbone, the oxford’s drape.
No words. No sound. Not even a slight nod.
I’ve read your eyes, taken their rapid shift
to mine in humdrum rooms, dull talk abroad,
dull folks. I’ve felt our glances hold and lift
above the meeting table just too long
for happenstance. The signal’s out. So strong
despite our work, despite our separate rings,
we’d dance and tangle, circus-like. We’d cling.
Yes loosen, do, the armor. Let it fall.
I’ll entertain your body’s carnival.

For another taste of Amy's work, drop by The Best American Poetry here and here.


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