A Gift From Emily B.

Auntie Em
I've never been very good at birthdays.  My cards and best wishes tend to always be at least a little bit belated.  So it's no surprise that I'm two days late in wishing Emily Bronte a happy 196th birthday.  But my wishes are no less sincere.

Especially since she's the one who has given me a present:

There it was in my mailbox over the weekend, a box of the new paperback edition of Catherine, my Young Adult novel inspired by Wuthering Heights, looking every bit as spiffy as I could have hoped.  (It hits the bookstores on August 19th and is available for preorder now at Barnes and Noble and BAM!

So happy birthday, Emily Bronte, and thanks for the inspiration.  You may be almost two hundred years old, but in my heart you'll never be a Brontesaurus.


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