The Santorini Mules and Temporary Respite from Wanderlust

photo by Jennifer Lynn Terrigno Shepherd

Possible treatments for wanderlust:

1.  Shop at ethnic grocery stores.  Stock up on exotic ingredients you have no idea how to cook, just because reading the labels is so much fun. 

 2.  Watch old episodes of Rick Steves' Europe and Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations while trying not to weep with envy.  

  3.  Live vicariously through the travels of your Facebook friends.  Drool over their photographs.  

Jennifer Lynn Terrigno Shepherd, coordinator of this year's Saint Joseph's University study tour to Greece, has given me permission to share her recent pictures from Santorini. 

One of the many things Santorini is known for (besides extreme gorgeousness) is its method of transporting visitors from its cities down the steep cliffside trails to the sea:

On my last trip to Santorini, I took about a thousand pictures of the island's famous mules, hoping I'd get at least one perfect one.  Then--as I may have mentioned here before--I lost my memory card.  

So I'm grateful to Lynn for the use of these mule pictures and for giving me some momentary respite from my own case of incurable wanderlust...or, as my husband calls it, "ants in your pants."


  1. 3b. or your blog friends. For example, I've been drooling over a certain author's photos of Greece. ;-)


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