Stormy days: a LOVE, LUCY Update

Photo borrowed from Italian America
A while back, I posted with joy that my new novel Love, Lucy was up for pre-order at Amazon.  Alas, that's no longer true, thanks to an ongoing dispute between Amazon and my publisher, Hachette.

These are stormy days for authors and publishers.  On the edge of the dark clouds, however, there might be one of these:

If readers aren't able to pre-order or buy certain books by Hachette authors, maybe they'll turn to Indie bookstores, or other online booksellers. Increased competition, and an awareness of alternatives to Amazon has to be good for consumers, no?

And though I've been despairing on Lucy's behalf, I have a little happy news to share on that (storm)front: Anyone who is hoping to pre-order it is now able to do so at Barnes and Noble.

Red Vespa in sunshine


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