Roadtrip: A Weekend in Seneca Falls

In recent years it's become a tradition: one summer weekend I meet up with my dear college friends Dorothee, Bethany, and Sharon.  So far we've picked a different spot for each reunion and, admittedly, we've let a few years lapse since the last get together.  This time around, we chose a cabin in Seneca Falls, New York, complete with Adirondack chairs looking out over Lake Cayuga.

You know the kind of friends you can lose sight of for years at a time, and yet when you see them again it's like no time at all has passed since you were dancing to the Police and the B-52s in the upstairs lounge at Eaton House?

On Saturday morning, after a leisurely breakfast on the deck, we hopped into Sharon's convertible, popped in a CD of '80s New Wave music and drove to nearby Ithaca.  (The tunes were supplied by Sharon's husband Tommy.  The two of them co-own Get Down Tonight Entertainment, recently voted best of New Hampshire by Bride Magazine.)

Our goal was to wander around Ithaca and wind up at Moosewood, the locally-sourced restaurant whose cookbooks some of us have been cooking from for decades.

After a leisurely (and very fresh and delicious) lunch on the patio,

we zipped home by way of the region's gorgeous vineyards.

And there was still time to cook and eat a leisurely dinner and chat on the deck, catching up on each other's lives.  Despite the invigorating trivia game that got our hearts pounding right before bedtime, Sharon managed to rise early enough to catch the first rays of dawn.

Sunrise--photo by Sharon Dyson-Demers
All in all, the best kind of road trip.  


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