Santorini Dreaming

With my grades turned in at last, I have been able to take some time and revisit the novel I was working on this summer, about a high school study tour to Greece.  I've been tweaking the story's outline, trying to see it as a whole before I return to the point where I left off: about a third of the way through, on the island of Santorini, with its electric blue waters and its mule trains that carry tourists from the old port all the way up to the city of Thira, perched like white frosting on top of a dark many layered cake.

Sadly, the little memory card with my best pictures of Santorini disappeared before I could load it onto my computer.   I took about a thousand mule pictures too--so I'm sure a few would have turned out better than the one above.

But even without all my lovely lost photos, I'm hoping I've got enough sensory impressions to cover the blank spaces of my canvas.

And in the weeks between now and spring semester, I'm hoping to make a little progress, to add on some chapters, inching slowly but surely toward a complete first draft.


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