Play Date: Out to Lunch

Spring came to Pennsylvania yesterday, one day behind schedule:  morning birdsong; crocuses finally splitting the earth.  After so much snow, so much road salt, so many killer potholes, it's hard to trust that it's really here.   (If any snow has been forecast for next week, please don't tell me!)

This winter has kicked my butt in more ways than one, but today I got to celebrate the new season by going out to lunch with my dear friend Diane.  We took a mini version of one of our Thelma-and-Louise-style roadtrips, and ventured to The Local, a cozy (and delicious) little farm-to-plate restaurant in a former train station depot.  I got to glimpse a charming little town I'd never seen before-- 

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--which made me realize I've been traveling in a rut these last months, from work to home and back again, with hardly any detours.   I've clocked a lot of miles--1,000 at least count--but they've almost all been on my treadmill desk.  

When I'm trying to squeeze writing time into the interstices, I can forget how important it is to wander off the beaten track, to breathe fresh air and see new places.   And to try a little peanut butter pie:

 Today, the third day of spring, is a good time to remember.  


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