Glamour Pup: Dispatch from the Dog Hospice

The come hither look: alluring!
My friend Greg requested more pictures of Feefee on my blog.  Greg's wish is my command!  Yesterday, Feef and I had a glamour shot session.  While many dogs would flee from being dressed up in bandanas and squirted with perfume, Feef has always loved playing dressup. It sounds like I'm projecting, but I swear I'm not: she preens and grins and poses for the camera with a smile in her eyes just as Tyra Banks advises!

So yesterday I gussied her up for a photo session and then a little drive around town. (She helped me return my overdue library books.)  I think she appreciated the chance to see and be seen--and it was nice to take her on a trip that didn't end up at the vet's office.

Now I'm procrastinating, instead of attacking the ten remaining essays that need to be graded. Feef's lying at the foot of the bed, giving me moral support in my procrastination.  (The scarf had to be subtracted from her wardrobe after she started munching on it.)

Here are a few more glamour pup shots, before I get back to work:


Mildly disgruntled!


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