The strivers

When it comes to music, I've got a special place in my heart for the strivers--artists who are just as talented as the acts on the Billboard charts, or possibly even way more talented, but who haven't yet caught their big break.  I always try to support gutsy musicians who give their all, who write and play and perform out of love and not for a whole lot of money--often not for any money at all!

Now when it's harder than ever to make a living in music, Kickstarter helps fund projects that might otherwise go unmade.  And today I'm telling you about one of those projects not just because I believe in strivers, but because the strivers in question are Drull, an electronic music trio in which my son is a driving force.  I can't pretend to be objective about Drull, and I won't even try. But I do hope you'll click on this link and check out their video-in-progress, which is already quite beautiful and professional looking, but which needs a little help to go the distance.

Thanks for indulging a proud mother.


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