Greetings from Verona: Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties and a whole lot of intense sightseeing, my good intention of posting a daily blog has gone unfulfilled...until now.  A friend helped me solve the technical difficulties.  And now that my husband Andre has departed for home, I'm having a fairly quiet layover in Verona before the study tour begins.  So I will be catching up and sending lots of dispatches from the road.

For now, though, I'm staying in an AirBnB in a quiet and somewhat industrial section of Verona, but I'm about to wander off into the charming historical center.  Just waiting for my phone to charge so I can take my usual thousand pictures.

I arrived yesterday, and have been laying rather low, recharging my own personal battery.  Last night at about sunset, the heat was broken by a surprise rainstorm--quiet fun to watch from the veranda of "my" apartment.  Ah, the smell of rain in Italy!


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