Ubi Bene, Part Two: An Afternoon in Lambertville, NJ

The Delaware River 
Yesterday, Andre, the dogs, and I were exiled again, this time while prospective buyers checked out our house.  Combining business with pleasure, we took a daytrip to our longed-for future hometown of Lambertville and went for a stroll along the Delaware & Raritan Canal.  

The path that runs along the canal is a state park--a very long and skinny one.  On it, we passed families fishing for trout and were passed in turn by little kids on bikes.   We glimpsed five hawks wheeling above the canal, and inadvertantly scared quite a few fat Canada geese out of our path and into the water.

The canal

A day later we would see the first green spears of crocus and daffodil poking up in our Pennsylvania garden, but last Saturday New Jersey seemed in a perfect state of suspension between winter and spring.  Between the old life and the new.

Kind of like us.

Downtown Lambertville


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