November Odds and Ends

Though my season of ceaseless book signings is behind me, I do have one more very special (to me at least!) event planned.  I'll be signing copies of Catherine and Jane at Saint Joseph's University (where I teach) on 11/11 at 11 a.m., in the bookstore.  If you live in or near Philadelphia, consider dropping by.  (Luckily, there's free retail parking behind the bookstore.)

Also, as the release date for Love, Lucy approaches, I've been busy putting together the playlist of songs that Lucy would have heard on her travels through Italy.  That playlist will be featured on a book blog near you, as the amazing Alexis and Ashley of With Her Nose Stuck in a Book are planning a musical Book Blast closer to the release day (January 27, 2015).

Rock Star Book Tours has also got something special planned for Lucy's debut: a book blast about how the novel was informed by my own misadventures backpacking solo through Europe at age 22.  I might have to dig up some embarassing old photos to toss into the mix.

 Like, say, this one:

Just don't ask me to explain what I was wearing.  It was the Eighties, and I'd been living out of a backpack for two months, but neither of those facts can really explain those pants.

Desperately Seeking Style: What I Wish I'd Been Wearing 

Also, thanks to the blogs--including Reading Books Like A Boss--that have been featuring Love, Lucy in their Waiting on Wednesday posts.  The wait is almost over!


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