Late May Update

Mule on Syros, Greece
Last night I stayed up late to finish the second draft of my Greek novel. Of course reaching the finish line felt good, and I allowed myself at least five seconds of satisfaction before I began worrying about what comes next.  

One thing is fairly certain: there will most likely be a third draft, and a fourth, and probably a fifth, but those can only happen after I get some feedback on what I've already got on the page.  So for a little while, I'm adrift and unsure, floating between imaginary worlds.

Which means I've got time for something (almost) completely different: writing poetry.

In other news, it's not too late to sign up for a Young Adult fiction workshop with me at the Nightsun Writers Conference this July in Frostburg, Maryland.  

Something else it's not too late to do: enter to win a $15 gift certificate from Amazon, in celebration of my new novel, Love, Lucy, now available for pre-order.

Central Market, Florence, where LOVE, LUCY takes place

Also I've been setting up a whole bunch of readings and book signings lately, with more to come. Please be sure to visit my Upcoming Events page, and if you're in the neighborhood, maybe even drop by an event and say hi.

I say hi to some cows on Syros


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