Polar Vortex

They say something called a Polar Vortex is swooping into the Northeastern United States.  It sounds horrible--so cold (
polar) and so threatening (vortex).  Even now, just beyond the window, I hear the wind kicking up, threatening to do some damage.

So barring the unexpected, I plan to just stay put for a while. I've stocked up on groceries.  I've got fuzzy socks and a stack of Young Adult books.

And I've got a project: the first 130 pages of a novel set in Greece, to which I've been adding, slowly, page by page, in this all-too-brief span of days between the holidays and spring semester. 

And, most importantly of all, I've got dogs:

because writing in bed would just be too cold and lonely without dogs.


  1. Honored to be in that company, and weathering the polar vortex!


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