The Dog Days of November

Rooby in motion

Has it really been four days since my last post?  It's been a very full four days.  I've been crazy busy with school, and with advising my son Noah as he puts the finishing touches on an early college application, but mostly I've been obsessed with dogs.  This obsession has taken the form of running to and from the Montgomery County SPCA, in my bid to adopt a little buddy for Rooby Doo.  

Specifically, this little buddy:

Rooby has been downcast ever since losing his lifelong companion Ophelia.  But will a puppy in the house make him happier?

Well, we're about to find out.  The good news came yesterday; the shelter picked us out of a long list of applicants to bring home the gentle little cockapoo we've decided to call Nico.  On Thursday he gets neutered.  On Friday, if all goes well, he comes home. 


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