Dog Pound Days

My husband, sons and I have been spending a lot of time lately in the dog pound, poking around, introducing ourselves to the dogs, looking for one that might be a good fit.  Last weekend we met this sweet little nameless cockapoo:

Because he was a stray, the shelter is holding him a full week just to make sure his people don't come looking for him.  So he's not even adoptable yet.  In the meantime, the list of people who want to take him home grows and grows.  We're on that list, and the suspense is killing us.

Today we went back to pay him another visit.

We could swear he remembered us! 

Our son Noah, in particular, is nuts about He-Who-Shall-Most-Likely-Be-Called-Nico-If-We-Get-To-Take-Him-Home.

Boy Meets Blur

And of course there were many other dogs (and cats) too, ones we could as easily fall in love with and take home, who would probably make the sweetest and most grateful of pets. 

Here, for instance, is Dorothy, listed as a mastiff, but small for that breed.  She looked at us so sweetly and sadly through her bars that we just had to take her out on a little walk.  

Gentle and lionhearted, she's just a wonderful girl.  As of yesterday, she was at the Delaware County SPCA in Pennsylvania, just waiting for someone to see how special she is and spring her.


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