Blame it on the Caffeine

Like my desk, the inside of my head is a jumble today, of all the things I want to get done in the measly time I have to do them in.  Maybe it's the caffeine, but as I was driving around this morning, ideas for future novels were pinging around urgently in my head.  Not to mention the blog posts I've been planning: an interview with photographer Howard Dinin about his new book Sitting, and a write-up of last weekend's concert, with  Fountains of Wayne, Soul Asylum, and Evan Dando.  And since I will be (hooray!) seeing the Del-Lords again this coming weekend, I expect I'll be rhapsodizing soon about them too.

But first, there's a deadline looming; I need to keep tinkering with Love, Lucy, responding to copy edits, smoothing out the sentences.  So here I go, off to the Firenze in my mind.  While I'm gone, here's one more thing that's been echoing between my ears: this breathtaking song from Wesley Stace's new album--for your listening enjoyment.


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