In Which We Are Introduced to The Hooters

There's a brand new music venue in my part of the world: The Ardmore Music Hall.  Philly's western 'burbs are a fairly quiet place, so the addition of a real club just one town over makes us very happy. We decided to check it out last night.

The Hooters were headlining.  I confess: before yesterday I knew nothing about them, save for one hit from the Eighties.  You probably remember it too, if you were alive then:

The night started out inauspiciously, with cold rain and a long line in front of the building.  Andre was a good sport, but I was feeling fairly grumpy, wanting to be home in bed with my dogs and a good book.  

But then we started chatting with the people around us, and a hidden world was revealed.  Our music life tends to be centered in New York City and Asbury Park. But last night the clouds parted.  It turns out that all along there has been a similar music scene right under our noses.  Ardmore Music Hall is really a fresh new version of a club that's stood at that same spot forever.  (How did we not know about it?)  And like the bands we tend to follow, The Hooters have a pack of rabid fans who follow them from show to show, making new friends along the way.

In fact, we made some new friends last night (hello, Victor and Sue!) and by the time the show started, I was beginning to get some of my concertgoing mojo back.

Like most of our favorite bands, the Hooters have a long history; they've been together since the Seventies so they've got a long catalog of fun songs to play from.  And they clearly love playing live; their enthusiasm fed the audience and by the time the show ended (at one a.m.!) the crowd was bouncing off the wall.  

With roots in Philly, The Hooters are hometown heroes, and I'm glad we were there to help them break in a shiny new version of their old stomping grounds.


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