Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria: Revisiting Asbury Park

In this time of scrambling to sell one home and buy another, Andre, the dogs, and I needed to vacate our house while our floors were refinished.  So why not take advantage of our weekend-long exile to feed our souls with a visit to Asbury Park?  Epicenter of the Jersey Shore music scene, Asbury's also home to many wonderful places to break bread with friends.

Dinner at the homey and delicious Porta

We ate at Porta, a family-style eatery that always manages to feel warm, festive, and authentically Italian, no matter how gray and cold the weather.  Then we made our way to the legendary Saint.

The wonderful Toby Lightman was on the bill that night. 

We soaked in the warmth, the music, the lights...

...before returning home to spiffy new floors and a little statue of Saint Joseph awaiting burial in our backyard.  Not to mention the packing, cleaning, and Goodwill runs that must be done--all in service of moving to a place we hope will be our hearts' true country.


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