Where I've Been Part 2

Where have I been lately and why haven't I been blogging?  Well, for one thing, I was writing (and rewriting) Far From Over, a digital-exclusive companion novella to  Love, Lucy.  It comes out on April 12, and I'm thrilled with the cover.

Here's what it's about:

Jesse Palladino is used to moving on. As a street musician backpacking through Europe, he's never in one place for long. Which is why it's so surprising he can't seem to move on from Lucy, the girl he fell for in Florence. They parted ways when Lucy returned home to start college, but every crowded piazza and winding cobblestone street reminds Jesse of the time they spent together. Now staying with a friend in Naples, he can't help wondering if it's time to pack up and move on again. But just when his mind is made up, something--or someone--might give him a reason to stay. 

I Heart Naples!

Far From Over is available for pre-order now.  And please, stay tuned, as I really do hope to get back to blogging in the not-too-distant future!


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