Flashback: Milano

There's a soft spot in my heart for Milan--probably because it's the first European city I ventured into, twenty-two and travelling solo.  Some specifics are lost to time, but others are still vivid:

Riding the metro.   Coming above ground in Piazza del Duomo.   Seeing that enormous melting wedding cake of a cathedral.  Crossing the square through a crowd of tourists, locals and pigeons.  

Feeling terrifyingly, deliciously alone.  

Trying out my beginner's college Italian.  Wandering through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle.

Since Andre left the itinerary of our recent trip up to me, and since the trip from Les Arcs Draguignan to Venice necessitated a transfer in Milan, how could I resist stopping there a little while, showing him the places that loom so vividly in my memory?

While there, we saw an amazing retrospective on Leonardo da Vinci at the Palazzo Reale.

But first we reacquainted ourselves with the joys of Italian food...including the breakfast of champions.


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