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Novelist.  Poet.  Professor.
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Journey with Me

On the Pulaski Skyway

Thanks to Sharon Foley whose podcast, Journey Daily with a Compelling Poem, currently features a poem of mine, "The Trip to Brooklyn Misremembered as a Roller Coaster Ride."  

Friday, September 27, 2019

Free the Mice!


Thanks to Bearings Online, for publishing my poem about trying--and sometimes failing--to be kind to the mammals who only want to share our homes and our crumbs.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Where I've Been (When I Wasn't Here)

It's been a while since I've blogged here.  A looooong while.   While I wasn't here, I've been moving, writing, and teaching.  I've also been fostering dogs.  One was Moka, a labby girl who went on to find a perfect forever home. 


The second, Miles, a foxy little chihuahua corgi mix (we think) quickly squiggled his way into our hearts. 

AKA Worm

We wound up adopting now he's a part of our pack.  He's what they call a foster failure--or maybe we're the failures.  At any rate, now that we've got three, our fostering days are over for the forseeable future

Miles came from Little Dog Lifeboat.  And Moka came up north from Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, which has adoption events every three weeks.  In fact, there's still time to catch the wagging tail end of this weekend's rescue, at Rosedale Mills in Pennington, New Jersey.  Both rescues do amazing work finding homes for deserving dogs.  

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ladybug Season!


Thanks to Bearings Online for publishing this poem.  

March of the Ladybugs

One at a time, they’re good luck charms,
quaint as a cartoon greeting-card                   
neat dome like a candy button. 

At daybreak one circumnavigates
the waterglass, His glossy shell
cracks to sprout waxpaper wings.

As the window brightens, more collect
in its skim of condensation.
They cluster on the ceiling,

red and random as measles.
Every so often one is moved
to buzz in sudden spirals,

and land with a clatter on a lampshade.
or bungle into my hair.  Their ranks swell,
an army of redcoats. Once doctors

mashed them to cure toothaches;
farmers entreated Our Lady
to send in scarlet swarms--

rosary beads spilling from the sky. 
Harvest in, they’d clear the fields
and burn the vines. By afternoon

The multitude has flown.
One straggler still scouts for water,
wandering the wasteland of my desk.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Under Construction

This summer, it seems my whole life is under construction. We've been living in limbo while the house we're hoping to buy in our beloved Lambertville has been taking shape.  

I've been doing a lot of driving back and forth to the house to watch it grow into the next phase of its already quite long life. The process has been exciting and sometimes fraught.  

Surprised by asbestos

Then there's my usual summer preoccupation: writing.  With several novels underway at once, I've been trying to figure out where to take my writing next.  I've been researching and drafting what I suspect will turn out to be a Middle Grade novel and rethinking a YA novel that didn't quite cohere. I've also been turning back to my first love, poetry, putting together the first manuscript of poems in a really long time.

Surprised by dogwood

Most of all, I've been grappling with what kind of writer I want to become.  How should I spend the next part of my writing life?  It's been a restless and uncertain couple of months trying to answer that question, and I'm still not sure. 

It helps to have a blueprint!
But the good news is that the hard work and expertise of team of builders has brought our future house a long way. 

And I'm hoping that with time and a little tearing down and rebuilding of my own, I'll figure out my own next phase.

Surprised by a midsummer flower whose name we don't yet know

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No Place Like Rome

Trevi Fountain
Love, Lucy comes out in paperback today, and I thought I'd commemorate Lucy's paperback birthday with a celebration of the Eternal City, where she travels with her summer love Jesse.  

Here are some of my favorite spots in Rome, including the "greatest hits" I've set out to find, street map in hand.  Here's Piazza Spagna in the evening:

Stormy skies

And the Spanish Steps themselves, gorgeous even when under construction:

Of course there's the stunning Pantheon:  

And all the wonders of Vatican City:

And then there are the beauties I've stumbled upon by sheer accident, like St. John Lateran:

Not to mention the city's smaller but no less noteworthy wonders:

The world's best macchiato

Wishing you were in Italy?  (You're not alone!)  Please check out Love, Lucy and Far From Over, Jesse's side of the story.  

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Half Past April: A Far From Over/Love, Lucy Extravaganza

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we've fast forwarded through April Showers and made it to May Flowers in what seems like record time.  This year April brings with it the publication of Far From Over, the new digital-exclusive companion novella to Love, Lucy.  It also brings some celebratory blog posts including this one, from NOVL, on the travel destinations that inspire me most.   

And this musical Far From Over playlist from With Her Nose Stuck in a BookWhat songs does street musician Jesse Palladino play on the streets of Naples?  Here's a little taste:

Finally, April brings a really nifty sale--Love, Lucy in e-book form for only $2.99--which means for a little while longer you can download both Love, Lucy and Far From Over for under five dollars.  So if you're yearning for a little vacation flirtation in sunny Italy, please give them a look!

Journey with Me

On the Pulaski Skyway Thanks to Sharon Foley whose podcast, Journey Daily with a Compelling Poem , currently features a poem of mine...